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We can now more accurately determine how many barrels we really have. The author uses irony here because since these people support decreases in oil consumption, yet flinch at every "consevation measure" it is ironic. Although, through statistics, he has made it look like there is no energy crisis, there indeed is.

I think that the underlying reason is to help with the production of alternative resources. This paragraph is the strongest one of the whole article and it really grabbed my attention and made the article stick in my head after I read it.


Battle between the Congress and the administration over the management of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Political factors that influence the policies.

But, it was very witty, and fit perfectly when I reached the end. There are plenty of other resources that we need to be looking into because this oil is a natural resource, and will one day be diminished off of this planet. If farmers vote for the bill, then that would help our country out even more, because then the bill might pass.

The title in no way prepared me for the issue that was discussed. It did give a hint that it may be dealing with the green party, though.

Ignorance Skews Views on Environment. In the next three paragraphs the author compares the oil reserves of the United States to those of other countries. We should not wait until we are out of oil to convert to another source.

He also introduced some very interesting evidencelike the fact that we have only 2. Will uses a lot of comparisons in the first part of his essay.

Why not start now?

Ben & Jerry's: A Green Pioneer

The authors thesis could be that environmentalists are hypocrits After reading the essay I would have to agree with the author, not only is he a very effective and convincing writer, but I had some of the same opinions before reading this essay. He uses a great analogy in the first paragraph also, and I appreciated the satire in the second to last paragrph.

Snaps for George F. If Will wants to make an argument, he should argue for one side or the other—not with himself. They actually have better technologies. My favorite part of the essay was when Will brought ice cream into the argument—ice cream is something that everyone enjoys and is one of the most popular desserts in the country.

Percentage of the American citizens opposing to the oil drilling; Views of environmentalists on land and wildlife of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Recognition on the need for additional energy sources.

I feel that this can be explained by our increased technology over the years. Will has a good way of looking at things in a new way and putting them in a different light. Will seems to contradict himself: Attempt made by Republican proponents to pursue the project; Withdrawal of support on the project by the United Mine Workers; Cause of Commitment of oil companies to drill the area without damaging the environment; Support of United States President George Bush for the exploration plans; Disadvantages of advanced oil drilling technology.Jun 08,  · Noelle Pirnie, Ben & Jerry's integrated marketing manager, who's charged with leading these "values-led" efforts, says, "These aren't just ad strategies; [being green.

Karl Zinsmeister, editor in chief of The American Enterprise magazine, imagines an oh-so-green environmentalist enjoying the most politically correct product on the planet--Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Study David Baird English Being Green At Ben And Jerrys Flashcards at ProProfs - Notes for preparing, pages through from Current Issues.

Sep 13,  · A Brief Summary of "Being Green at Ben and Jerry's" 1) The House of Represnetatives voted against drilling in a small area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which could supply as much oil as America imports from Saudi Arabia for 25 years.

After reading the article called, "Being Green at Ben and Jerry's" written by George F. Wills, I disagree with his claim that there is no real oil crisis. Will fails to give consideration to the seriousness of the effects of greenhouse gasses and pollution in general, and instead chooses to.

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Being green at ben and jerry s
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