Hcl project report

This may take the blame off you, but it undermines the integrity and organization of the company, and your customer will lose confidence in your firm.

The working capital management refers to the management of working capital, or precisely to the management of current assets. If your company has a newsletter, obtain permission from your successful clients to write about them in it.

If the performance matches the expectations, the customer is satisfied. Naturally, you would send them a copy. Some customers "read the riot act" when they call about a complaint. Always make an appointment before making your call! Offer a sample gift to enhance the use of your product.

Repay or compensate them for lost time or money caused by problems encountered with your product. Be sympathetic and encourage the customer to "blow up. Whether the complaint proves to be true or false, show your customer that you are concerned and will investigate the problem immediately.

Keep all your information about the account confidential.

As in any relationship, you must be able to exchange grievances, ideas praises, losses, and victories. He focuses only on what is wrong rather than what is right.

Keeping Your Customers Happy Since your first concern is customer satisfaction you should be aware of some emotional stumbling blocks in your path: They refuse me permission to correct my errors and thus improve my service.

As an alternative, both of you can go together to handle customer complaints. The bottom line in maintaining your clients is service, service and more service.

This includes delivery, installation, packaging, and so on.

Hcl Project Report Essay

In any case, look for user error whenever a success criterion is not reached. The Products are used in various places viz. Leaders cite inefficiencies in technology and product delivery both within and across firms. To analyze the opinion of customers about storage and Packing.

Regardless of the purchase price, they figure that for what they spent, they deserve perfection.

Show compassion for your customer. A delay in responding will only irritate your client more. Show your appreciation for their referrals by reporting back to them on the outcome. When you do meet them, be calm, confident and above all, take time to ask them what they need.

They extra effort you expend now will be repaid handsomely in the future. As this definition makes clear, satisfaction is a function of perceived performance and expectations.

They Hcl project report apologies repeatedly, which was nice. For example, a customer may have a new copying machine that works like a charm, but he is irritated by the sound of the motor.

One is silver and the other gold. It also offers hardware support services to existing clients through annual maintenance contracts, network consulting and facilities management.

To find out market potential based on age and qualification. This study is useful to know the impact of brand advertisement and consumers.Project Report(hcl) - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Abhishek Gupta + + Price - /- If you Want a new project & assingment so u r call me or Mail - [email protected]/5(2).

it is a summer interenship report preparing on the basis of market survey and feedback of customer. MBA Marketing Project Report on Customer Satisfaction of HCL Technologies Limited | MBA Marketing Project Report Awareness of Products of HCL Technologies, Sales Promotional Activities of HCL, Project on consumer perception, Market Performance, Impact of Brand Advertisement Project Report MBA.

HCL Samuday.

HCL Samuday, a flagship program of HCL Foundation, is an outcome of HCL’s commitment to uplift rural India. Established inSamuday intends to develop a sustainable, scalable, and replicable model – a source code for economic and social development of rural areas in partnership with central and State Governments, local communities, NGOs, knowledge institutions.

[pic] PROJECT REPORT SSR College of Science, Commerce & Management Study Center: Periyar University-Salem A Dissertation Report on ‘’Training and Development Systems” @ M/S Pragathi Consultancy Services (PCS).

The HCL group diversified into the Healthcare sector in with HCL Healthcare, that aspires to be the nation’s leading healthcare company by providing innovation driven medical services, products and .

Hcl project report
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