Ib paper 2 weimar republic

Each of the 5 key decision points covers a different issue. Why were the s a period of cultural achievement for Germany? Describe the Communist threat of to the Weimar Republic.

Why did the popularity of the Nazi Party increase between and ? When you have finished, the computer will provide you with a printout comparing your answer to a model answer.

Since social democracy was seen to be so successful in peace-time, they were the natural choice post-war. What were the main features of the Weimar Constitution? There arose however many post-war consequences and social changes that were unexpected: What was the role of the President under the Weimar Constitution?

A great way to revise and develop sourcework skills. Interactive cartoon analysis Analyse a series of cartoons by hovering over details and answering exam-style questions. Why was the Republic able to recover and prosper after ?

The Weimar Republic and Hitler

Repeat this format for ALL your revision lessons to create a " Revision Leaderboard " with a prize given to the overall high score at the end of revision time. What were the disadvantages of proportional representation for Weimar Germany? You can Ib paper 2 weimar republic as many rounds as you wish.

Also,as much as the German nationalists detested the Weimar Republic, the greatest evil at the time was Russian communism, and the German people would do anything to eradicate it.

They get 50 points if they guess it correctly. Adolf Hitler was the leader of a hyper-nationalistic group who believed that Germany was the true victor in the war.

To what extent were Weimar governments successful between and ? Anyone finishing within the 10 minutes should get points reflecting the amount of minutes left on the clock, then move directly on to the main task for the lesson whilst the rest of the class continue to play.

This simulation is a great way of introducing or revising the issues surrounding Weimar Germany in the years Why were the Spartacists a threat to the German Republic?

The Weimar Republic

Outline the main task for the day at the beginning of the lesson. Each of the 7 key decision points covers a different issue.

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Putsch- Small uprising or rebellion that is unsuccessful Reichstag- German Parliament. It was a sort of security blanket government, based on ancient German traditions of social democracy and constitutional government, and Ib paper 2 weimar republic rule of law.

Despite things like these, the Weimar Republic managed to survive, mostly because of the backing of conservative factions like the army. He staged a putsch in a beerhall as an attempt to overthrow Gustav Stresseman and his governing party. The game is designed to "run itself" with minimal teacher preparation.

How successful had the Weimar Republic been by in resolving the problems created for Germany by the Treaty of Versailles? They had to deal with the war guilt placed upon Germany by the Treaty of Versailles, and had to compete with growing separatist and fascist parties who believed signing the Treaty was a sign of defeat.

The Social Democrats were quickly brought back into power inwhen the German generals sued for peace and began an unsuspected alliance with the Social Democrats. The National Socialist Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler used this opportunity to gain more influence and eventually power in the Reichstag.

Why was the Weimar Republic in danger of collapse in ? Then, give students 10 minutes to play the game. Hitler failed, and was jailed for one year. After completing the game, students should be given this factual test, the answers for which can be obtained using this online presentation.

By working through the activity and completing the worksheetstudents will learn about the diplomatic, economic, social and political problems faced by the Republic, and consider how successfully the Republic dealt with them.

An incorrect guess at any point means they get zero points for that round.The Weimar Republic was the main governing body in Germany before, during and immediately after WWI. It was a sort of security blanket government, based on ancient German traditions of social democracy and constitutional government, and the rule of law.

The Weimar Republic was set up in Germany after world war one, after the Kaiser had been abducted in It was the most democratic government in the world, even allowing women to vote.

The new government got off to a bad start, Germany was nearly bankrupt. fresh-air-purifiers.comI. HL/fresh-air-purifiers.com 1,2 and 3. Europe From the Congress of Vienna to the reovlutions 1. The European Peace Settlement 18 IB QUESTIONS: In depth (Paper 3) Germany: Weimar – Hitler.

Why was the Weimar Republic so short-lived? (M07) Analyse the reasons for the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the establishment of a Nazi dictatorship in the period to Topic 2 IB History Why the Weimar Republic Failed Why the Weimar Republic failed is a question that has been explored by countless historians.

The only established certainty is that the answer is complex and multi-faceted. History games, revision quizzes and worksheets for KS3, GCSE, IB and A-Level school children!

Ib paper 2 weimar republic
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