Loius xiv and peter the great compare and contrast

Peter the Great advanced education by creating a school of navigation. This affected France negatively, causing hundred of Huguenots, or French Protestants, to flee France.

Compare and contrast the methods of Louis XIV and Peter the Great.

He also brought the Russian Orthodox Church under his complete control through making it a branch of his government. Petersburg where Russian nobles would leave Moscow and come to settle at his capital.

A successful absolute monarchy had a strong economy whether it was through trade, or army, each of these rulers established just that.

Peter the Great came to power when Russia was mainly of serfdom and boyars. He established 8 colleges of his men; they followed written instructions and oversaw foreign relations, war, economic affairs, and collection of taxes.

A successful absolute monarchy will have policies in place to deal with these crucial issues. Peter, Louis, and the Hohenzollerns each worked with religion differently; however they all adjusted their policies to fit best with the people and their absolute monarchies. Louis XIV and Peter the Great both achieve self-sufficiency for their state as an absolute monarch by attaining economic and cultural success.

Peter the Greats economy essentially relied on his armies recent possession of ports on the Baltic sea.

Inupon his travels and study of Western European success, Peter returned to Russia prepared to establish mercantilism, agriculture, industry, and commerce. Peter the Great, repudiated the freedom of the Russian Orthodox Church, by abolishing position of patriarch and creating church as a branch of government named The Holy Synod.

Louis XIV made the nobility totally dependent on him, and the nobles being in Versailles gave more power to intendents. Peter the Greats main focus was keeping the tsar, his government, secure from the streltsy, the guards of the Moscow army, and secure from the boyars, Old Russian nobility.

In addition, Peter the Great established his own seaport, St. This port served as an easy sea route to the West. He also discouraged the streltsy from rebelling again, as they had when peter was overseas inby executing a great many of the rebels publicly and leaving their bodies on display.

This action decreased the debt in France greatly and also sparked a fruitful economy for the kingdom to control. The Hohenzollerns, particularly Frederick William, created centralization of Junkers, or old German nobility, not by isolating them but through uniting them with the Prussian army.

All these absolute rulers believed that in order to create a successful absolute monarchy they must manipulate the economy to benefit their rule. He created the palace of Versailles as his central government headquarters where he and his aristocracy could reside in lush comfort.

Compare and Contrast How Louis Xiv

These ports were the only ice free way to export and import goods. He revoked the Edict of Nantes, which permitted religious freedom. The Hohenzollerns had little to no involvement in religion.- As you wrote in the assignment sheet, Louis XIV and Peter the Great both wanted to do great things.

They had many goals in common, as well as many different goals, and, though the two had much in common, worked in very different ways to achieve said goals.

Compare and Contrast of the Paintings: Man in a Red Turban and Louis XIV by Van. Start studying Louis XIV Peter the Great. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Louis XIV vs. Peter the great.

Louis The XIV - Louis the XIV was one of the powerful leaders in France's history. Peter the great - After the childhood scar of the Streltsy revolt Peter the Great wanted to move the capitol of Russia to a new city.

Compare and Contrast the European Rulers essays Throughout this world's great history there have been many great rulers.

Some of these great rulers to note would be Philip II of Spain, Louis XIV of France, Catherine the Great of Russia, and Peter the Great of Russia.

These monarchs can be com. Dec 19,  · Compare and contrast the methods of Louis XIV and Peter the Great. December 19, euphoricl0ner Leave a comment In the 17th century, the idea of. (Compare and Contrast how Louis XIV, Peter the Great and the Hohenzollern family (btw. ) created successful absolute monarchies through their use/manipulation of .

Loius xiv and peter the great compare and contrast
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