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Griff is told the truth about the test scores and after a brief fight, Paco, Doyle and DeMarco are arrested.

Top 15 Movies about High School

Risky Business - Long before Tom Cruise became a couch-jumping Scientologist, he came to prominence in this sharp satire of privileged suburban teens. The result is guaranteed to make viewers feel much better about their own post-pubescent awkwardness - unless they, too, ever tried to romance someone with the information that "When you sneeze, it comes out your nose miles an hour.

These are athletes who know how to really bring it. Scream - Aside from the awesomeness of seeing Henry "The Fonz" Winkler as a square principal, Scream is the supreme teen horror movie specifically because it is so self-aware of how ridiculous and formulaic teen horror movies can be - even those that are set outside of high school, in college dorms or summer camps.

He has been in trouble elsewhere; which is why his family Movie high school had to move. Bye Bye Birdie - High school is definitely more fun when you add a little song and dance. Richard makes good on his promise to send Griff to college and is in a relationship with Victoria.

Napoleon Dynamite - The plot is insignificant, the lead character Jon Heder is a petulant spaz, and the pace creeps along just barely faster than a John Deere. Also stars Tina Fey as the hot Movie high school socially awkward teacher, Ms. Jim Stark is the new kid in town.

The awkwardness is all hilarious, though, especially watching a young Joan Cusack attempt to use the water fountain in orthodontic head gear.

50 Best High School Movies of All Time

Add all this to a pair of horrendously embarrassing grandparents, a foreign exchange student named Long Duc Dong, and we have the makings of a hilarious journey into young womanhood. Sean Penn defined the laid-back surfer and battles stuck-in-the-mud Mr.

Cady is the new redhead that falls in with The Plastics, an A-list clique of supermodel-esque blondes. It is a bonus rather than an item on the list because it is really more about a focus on family life than school life. The six main students of the film graduate but only those six.

Flick, of course, is mortified that Paul is even trying to compete. Brick - "Nah, bulls gum it. For all audiences, this is a purely inspirational tale. In pre-Depression, small-town Kansas, good-girl Movie high school Wood is so tortured by her sexual urges for beau Warren Beatty and conflicting pressure to be moral that she attempts suicide after a school dance and ends up in a sanitarium.

Richard now principal of Barry High presides over the graduation ceremony and proudly names Griff as the class valedictorian. Sissy Spacek is a social outcast with a domineering and over-protective mother a psychotic Piper Laurie.

An inspiring film showing life in the s. With a femme fatale, a dead girlfriend, and a mysterious cape-wearing drug lord, Brick gives you a teen flick in the guise of a noir thriller where everything is all Movie high school life-and-death.

A great teen movie and a great sports movie, albeit one that may prompt more than one young ballplayer to switch to darts. As with any kid who plays ball, Gates and Agee fantasize about one thing: After a failed attempt to buy his way into the cool clique, Ronny goes from totally chic right back to a total geek.

The fifteen-year-old has a crush on the most popular boy in school, and the geekiest boy in school has a crush on her. The potent shot of authenticity is sweetened by the memorable, soul-drenched musical numbers, which inspired millions to try and pirouette on a taxi.

He gives extra textbooks to a studious gangbanger Lou Diamond Phillips in exchange for protection, and turns a mathematical truth, "A negative times a negative equals a positive," into a social one. Back to the Future - A.

Rocky director John G. The school kids decide to humiliate her during the big dance. Of course, Dixon also has an official girlfriend. Get Real - A typical first-love-with-the-school-jock story, but with a twist. Victoria learns through word of mouth that Paco was behind the failing test scores and rushes to inform Richard, who decides to confront Paco and rescue Griff with the help of several of his students, including Anferny Jefferson Brian HooksNatalie Thompson Malinda Williams and Julie Rubels Natasha Gregson Wagner.

Scary cool, we say. The nerd gets revenge on the jock, the nice guy snags his prom-queen crush, and a pair of unlikely old friends reunite. Ann-Margret is all big hair and energy as a lucky small-town teen who wins the chance to be kissed on television by Conrad Birdie, a thinly veiled Elvis copy.

In anger, Dadier hurls an accusation at Gregory Miller, a black youth whom he fears is against him. Avildsen understood that Mr. It may be a typical teen comedy, but the underlying message always rings true:Since we are currently in the middle of the school year, it seemed a good time for a list of top movies about High School.

For criteria, I tried to focus on movies set in or on the school grounds and classrooms, about High School life, including cliques and bullies, and involving the teachers (when. Kudos to all involved for a very entertaining and fun movie, some very good laughs to be sure. You have to like this kind of raunchy and drug comedy to get this and still laugh about it.

I do recommend it for sure, everyone gets high at this school.

The high school kids in Brick talk like this for the entire movie. With a femme fatale, a dead girlfriend, and a mysterious cape-wearing drug lord, Brick gives you a teen flick in the guise of a noir thriller where everything is all very life-and-death. Nov 23,  · Watch video · Directed by John Stalberg Jr.

With Matt Bush, Sean Marquette, Adrien Brody, Colin Hanks. A high school valedictorian who gets baked with the local stoner finds himself the subject of a drug test. The situation causes him to concoct an ambitious plan to get his entire graduating class to face the same fate, and fail/10(K).

High School isn't funny considering it's a film about stoners. You can't smoke enough bud for this film to be funny. You can't smoke enough bud for this film to be funny%. Oct 25,  · Directed by Hart Bochner.

With Jon Lovitz, Tia Carrere, Louise Fletcher, Mekhi Phifer. Richard Clark has just left the well-known Wellington Academy to teach at Marion Barry High School.

Now, he will try to inspire the D-average students into making good grades and try to /10(K).

Movie high school
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