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The POS has redefined the level of efficiency and accuracy in the sphere of sales. Furthermore, the data will be instructive as it will point to buying behavior, demographics and other indicators that will allow the company to more clearly identify its market and define its strategies on how to reach out to that market.

You can view all the transactions as and when it happens from the comforts of your office. Intelligence gathered from sales and inventory data, processed by a sales and business inventory softwareis key to fine-tuning sales and marketing strategies and overall business direction.

You also have the option of configuring the fields and a few screen parameters at the onset. One update in the central database ripples out to all local databases which avoid discrepancies in pricing and item details. All the finance information is tracked to the point with proper dates.

The parameters and periods are specifiable while producing these reports from the system. Administration and accounting are the other two areas which have seen significant improvement with the installation of this software. The local database is synced with the SAP database as well to maintain integrity in data across locations.

These figures are important from a business growth perspective. Maintaining real time data enables effective administration for the business managers. Having a reliable sales and inventory system is key to staying competitive in any industry.

Easy Customization The system is easily customizable to cater to any business specific requirements. Decision Support with Reports Reporting is a key feature of this software. The system has the provision for recording logs of every update and deletion which keeps a tight check on any updates.

This article discusses the important of the point of sales software in Philippines. This software produces a number of configurable and exportable reports to assist in analysis and other business functions. Inventory data on the other hand will also tip off the business units in charge of actual manufacturing if it is time to order new inputs, or to plan new orders based on established patterns.

Up To Date Records Every detail entered in the system is updated to the database at regular intervals. This keeps your accounting transparent and facilitates system computation of tax payable.

Sound decision support helps you in taking your business to higher levels of success. The access rights of each of the users in the system are restricted to allow only a certain set of operation to maintain the integrity of the data.

For POS designed for restaurantsorder tracking system and kitchen order routing are automated which avoids time lapses and minimizes liabilities.


An extra advantage is to have an online sales and inventory software for that exponential boost to efficiency, convenience and productivity in this increasingly global environment.This system of hers is somewhat related to our study but our system focuses more on the inventory monitoring system of a trading company.

(9)According to Kj Henderson, they have a three major advantages by using of inventory system these are (Time savings, Accuracy, and Consistency) which helps a lot for a business man to increase the sales of their business.

Astra (Philippines) Inc. Inventory Management System. Inventory Management Systems are useful for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It can also be used in the manufacturing.

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Find Local Literature Related Inventory Systems Users include point of sales (POS local stump age classification system and hence an inventory of.

Point of Sale Inventory System Analysis and Design of Gosy Sales And Service Center Door 2 Ong, Zabala St.

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Daet Camarines Norte • Description Our proposed system is computerized Inventory System of Gosy Sales and Service Center. Since the store is using a. Local Studies in Inventory System in Philippines.

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Get Case Studies and Other Software to Use In Your Decision, Related to Local Studies in Inventory System in Philippines. Aug 11,  · Importance of Point of Sales Software in the Philippines Points of sales systems are replacing the traditional cash registers for the better in Philippines.

The POS has redefined the level of efficiency and accuracy in the sphere of fresh-air-purifiers.comon: Corner Magsaysay & Villa Aurora, Kasambagan, Pres. Quezon Street, Cebu City,

Related articles about sales and inventory system in the philippines
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