Water bottling business plan in india

Our Inquiry Form Is mobile number in Whatsapp? This would be used to package the water without stress. You should also consider cheaper sources of power like solar or wind energy to save energy costs in the long run.

How to Start a Water Bottling Business

If Yes, read this post for a step by step guide on how to plan for starting mineral water manufacturing business. To ensure that your water is produced under clean and highly hygienic conditions, it is advisable for you to invest in automatic bottle washers which would be used to clean the bottles prior to packaging water in them in order to get rid of chemicals and all forms of impurities.

You can go with a fully-automatic plant. This is ideal to test the water before you start purchasing your own equipment.

Another very important asset that you would need is a truck for distributing your products.

How To Start Mineral Water Plant in India – Business Plan

Industries seeking to install advanced grade mineral water plant need to figure out about the investment required in detail. To increase your sales, you can sell bottled water during soccer games, basketball, and other sporting events.

To begin with, you may need some people in the plant including a manager and workers. Learn everything you can about water bottling.

bottled water business plan

Management Team Glory Eze is the owner and president of Purity, bringing years of experience in water bottling and delivery to the company. We are focused on offering detailed expert consultation to our clientele of small, medium and large scale plan installation requirements.

We have listed here some of the major machinery and equipment. Water treatment machines and filters Conveyors, sealers and bottle loaders Water sterilizers and dispensers Enough number of trucks for distribution of purified water. However to allow for brand and sales maturity the production has been planned atbottled packs of 12 per annum in the first year of production and increasing capacity yearly.

Taking franchise can be little costly than building your own brand and slowly grow the market. Her family has operated a thriving bottled water business in Kaduna for over 15 years, which she helped to run.

In this way, you will be able to make your mineral water plant profit margin. Hiring Employees The business of bottling water is somewhat complex and cannot be done by a single person. According to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control NAFDAC in on October 27, According to Orhii, package water is a fast growing business in Nigeria today, water constitutes about N8 billion daily, as a result of declining consumer confidence in the safety and quality of municipal water supplies.

However, a feasibility of it has to be judged at the initial stage, especially when you are on a low budget. The profit margin is very high Water, which is the most important raw material for bottled water production is readily available for free. We appropriately understand your planting needs, future plans and maintenance concerns.

You will have to employ people that will help you with tasks like cleaning the containers, operating the machines, distributing the bottled water, loading the distribution trucks or vans, etc.

Mineral Water Plant Business Plan – Small Business Project

You can start with small and large bottles like 1 litre, 10 litres, 20 litres, 2-litre containers etc based on the need of the customers in your area. Other production materials can either be purchased in the marketplace or outsourced Bottles and labels.

Its major use in 5-star hotels and hospitals where good quality pure water is required for potable purposes. Again, this is dependent on your country and your specific needs.Are You Starting a Mineral Water Plant?- Get yourself trained by the Best in the Trade -Trained Over Entrepreneurs from Do you want to start a bottled water production company and need a sample bottled water business plan template?

Then here is a guide on how to start a bottled water company. Are you interested in starting a water bottling company but you don’t know how much the entire project A Sample Bottled Mineral Water Plant Business Plan Template. If Yes, read this post for a step by step guide on how to plan for starting mineral water manufacturing business.

Mineral Water Plant Profit Margin

The mineral water is one of the important items, which is directly consumed by people all over the world. Mineral water is bottled under very hygienic conditions under strict quality control being market.

Its major use in 5-star hotels and hospitals where good quality pure water is required for potable. The mineral water business plan should contain marketing strategy, financial projection, staff pattern, management team, legal procedures, and type of location that is to be selected to start the venture.

Understanding these elements in detail becomes significant while you decide to install premium quality mineral water plant. Our expert consultants suggest most appropriate plan for cost of mineral water plant to our esteemed clients.

Water bottling business plan in india
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